Damien Quinn Gives Fans An Update Behind the Final Dark Half LP “Sick At Heart”!

It seems that every time Damien Quinn (Dark Half) releases  his own content/solo projects, he gets bombarded with questions regarding the final Dark Half LP “Sick At Heart”. Recently, Damien Quinn has decided to give underground fans an update on why “Sick At Heart” has been delayed and why it could be dropping in the Fall of 2023 or early 2024. What that being said, here is what Damien Quinn has posted across social media in regards to the delaying of “Sick At Heart”.

Dear Underground Fans,
The final Dark Half album “Sick At Heart” still hasn’t dropped to this day because of politics, covid, and my insanity!! Hopefully I can find the right medication in 2023 and we can get this show on the road!! If you remember I originally put out a promo video saying Spring of 2020 and the pandemic fucked that up!! I’m not gonna rush an album that The Cult Crew has been waiting on for literally 8 or more years, plus why would I drop the last album if I can’t Tour on it… and give everyone a chance to properly say goodbye to Dark Half!?!? So now to The Cult Crew and true fans of Dark Half, you can except a fall release if everything goes to plan or early 2024!! 🤘🤘🤘
Sincerely Your Cult Leader,
Uncle D aka Damien Quinn
(PS: dissin’ my solo shit isn’t gonna make “Sick At Heart” come out any faster, if you don’t fuck with me as a solo artist, don’t listen. 🖕🖕🖕)

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