Gibby Stites Announces Deluxe Edition of ‘Regularly Scheduled Programming’! Along With the DJ Drankenstein ‘Slowed & Chopped’ Edition!

Cheers, Majik Ninja Entertainment fans! Gibby Stites just announced that he’ll be self-releasing a deluxe edition and a DJ Drankenstein ‘Slowed & Chopped’ edition for his ‘Regularly Scheduled Programming’ LP. Preorders are now live through! 

From Gibby Stites:

Deluxe Edition: The second studio album from Gibby Stites in a classic jewel case (with new packaging and disc artwork by Killator) now with bonus tracks including the unheard self-produced version of “Love Lost” as well as the previously unreleased cut “Still Remember” which was recorded and lost during the RSP sessions.

01. Lately (Prod. Charlie Beans)
02. Love Lost (Prod. Charlie Beans)
03. Dying Daily [ft. Blaze Ya Dead Homie] (Prod. Gibby Stites)
04. The Opposite (Prod. Gibby Stites)
05. Distance (Prod. Stir Crazy)
06. Spaced Out (Prod. Gibby Stites)
07. Invincible Man [ft. Xtra Overdoze] (Prod. Gibby Stites)
08. Rose Whip (Prod. Gibby Stites)
09. Looking For a Sign (Prod. Charlie Beans)
10. F.T.G. [ft. Jamie Madrox] (Prod. Charlie Beans)
11. Good Grief (Prod. DJ Emaculate)
12. Bluntville (Prod. Gibby Stites)

13. Sick n’ Tired (Prod. JimmyOnJets)
14. Melancholy Flow (Prod. JimmyOnJets)
15. Love Lost (OG Mix)
16. Still Remember (Unreleased)

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