Did Somebody Order Twerking Ski-Mask Hotties With a Side of an Ice Cream Truck? New SCYTHE GANG 666 Visual For Their Fresh Single “Ice Cream Song”!

The extreme  Northwest 4-piece death-trap  band SCYTHE GANG 666 (Michael Vanson – vocals Maezi Kacey – guitarist King Zabb – bassist Skimask the drumgod – drummer) are swiftly taking over the underground music world  with their unique blend of mosh pit metallic hardcore riffage that’s mind-meltingly combined with an  combative trap style sound that could very-well serve as the soundtrack  for a  professional heist! Since forming last year in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic  SCYTHE GANG 666 have graced the cover of Underground Nation Magazine with the publication hailing them as the next level of heavy music and gaining near a million organic Spotify plays in under 4 months. And now SCYTHE GANG 666 have decided to unleash another fresh visual for their new underground wig-splitter track “Ice Cream Song” that features all of SCYTHE GANG 666 cruising around the city in an ice cream trunk ready to destroy any faux band that dares t0 start trouble, while showcasing twerking ski-mask beauties galore! So what the hell are you waiting for?! Witness the new pandemonium with your own eyes from SCYTHE GANG 666 below!

from Faygoluvers


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