“The Damien Quinn Experience” – Episode 1: Channeling My Inner Horrorcore Artist

What you are about to witness is something completely ridiculous and you should just x out of this sh*t and forget you ever saw it…for those still here, WELCOME…to “The Damien Quinn Experience”!! This is Episode 1: Channeling My Inner Horrorcore Artist!! Written by: Damien Quinn Video Directed & Edited by: Damien Quinn Produced by: Tina Bingham Filming & Lighting: Tina Bingham Make-Up, Wardrobe, Hair: Tina Bingham Audio Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by: Damien Quinn Cast: Damian Pavlovich bka Damien Quinn, Jason “Raven Delavega” Chatman, Scott “Yung Ghozt” Wieszchowski

from Faygoluvers


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