In-case You Didn’t Know! Damien Quinn (Dark Half) Unleashes New Album “I Love Kenosha But Fuck This City”!

Hell yeah, ninjas! Damien Quinn (Dark Half) is always busy working on something musically to feed the mass supporters behind the “Cult Shit” movement. And this time its his devastating risk-taking new release “I Love Kenosha But Fuck This City” and its lyrical madness is bound to snap some necks upon first hitting play!

From Damien Quinn Himself:


“IT’S FINALLY FUCKIN’ HERE!! My new album “I Love Kenosha But Fuck This City” is available NOW on all major digital music outlets!!
Take a journey through the “grimey, shitty, lil’ city” known as Kenosha, WI. and get a feel for The Land of Beer and Cheese where this Cult Shit started!! Peep the links in the comments and remember…it’s Cult Shit 4-LIFE!!”


Please SupportI Love Kenosha But Fuck This City” Here:

P.S. Copies of Underground Nation Magazine’s limited cover story behind the 10 Year Anniversary of Dark Half’s “Chapterz” LP have been showing up on people’s doorsteps. Support that here:



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