Scam Alert! Scammer Pretending To Be Representative For Suburban Noize Records; Offers Fake Record Deals!

Nearly an hour ago the official Suburban Noize Records page alerted fans and supporters that there is a fake Daddy X/Brad Xavier page soliciting fake record deals for profit. Mad wack!

Here is an official statement from Suburban Noize Records regarding the scam situation.

“Someone is out pretending to represent Suburban Noize and asking indie artists to send them money so they can get a record deal from Sub Noize. This is NOT Suburban Noize and we would never ask an artist for money like this. Please do not send them money or think this has anything to do with Sub Noize. We also don’t think its X either and we think its just some random scam artist taking advantage of people in the toughest of times. Help get them shut down and spread the word to your friends who are part of the scene. This is not REAL and a SCAM.”

Don’t get got up in the scam, fam! Stay alert and report any suspicious  profiles! Thank you! 

from Faygoluvers


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