Merkules – “Godzilla” Remix [Official Audio]

From Merkules @ Youtube:

I know it’s been out for awhile but I got bored quarantined at home and had to snap on this. Lyrics below!

Didn’t really think id have to do this
Im in quarantine mode putting passion in the music.
Feeling like the captain of the cruise ship.
dicaprio, it feels like titanic when ya crew sink.
They’re panicking cause they don’t seem to have any solutions.
Abusive and gruesome like jackin off to youjizz
They try to reach out I keep answering like who dis?
They asking for the blueprint I slap em with a poolstick (hah)
Y’all aint even on my level tho, been top five ever since I dropped my testicals
Feelin like I popped five edibles got more heavy metal then a rock band festival
You rap but your bars are just not that technical, maybe just quit and start a podcast let it go.
Take a hit of this and youll be gone like fentanyl, the wrong kinda chemicals, ya loss was inevitable, ahh.
Get in line with ya Costco card, better buy viagra ya not so hard.
Ya phone lost service you got no bars, musta ran out of gas you will not go far.
Im the joker they ask how I got those scars, im Picasso they all wanna stop my art.
You a rat its a fact I don’t call no narcs, I bet when it comes to beef you dont want no part mawfucka
They sweating like an episode of hot ones, go against me then you better get a shot gun.
Its evident you’re never gettin better im on top son, everybody shut up and just let me get the job done.
You are not pac not big you are not pun, you are not hot not sick you are not none.
Im ready for the war keep score if they got guns, im an alcoholic im stoked when the shots come.
Swear to god they want a problem im a god in this bitch, im snoop dog im not a pimp but I still walk with a limp
Parents hate me cause my music tends to talk to they kids, I think they mad cause I taught em all what confidence is.
Yall don’t really want no issue with me, ima do you like slim did Christopher Reeves
I was taught be a boss you won’t get shit for free, so what makes you think these kids in my league? (I swear)
Lets be copasetic im so dope forget it there’s no smoke so dead it.
You so broke need credit, im dolo my head is loco the medic said I need to calm down cause im so demented.

Ima monster, Mawfucka Ima monster, I thought I told you Im a monster, Mawfucka Im a monsterrrrrr, agh.

No cappin Ima let em see, im back in the vacinity no matching all my energy im slappin all my enemies.
An animal I been a beast and half of yall are sick of me im jackin off in mickey ds and laughing at the industry.
Fuck yall im feeling like I might go ape shit, I like it I want it I take it, ahhh.
You went and got ya whole dam style on craigslist, im anxiously waiting to break shit, ahh.
The best I been so defiant, and I flex like im cobra kai so don’t step and just hold ya silence.
im Gretzky, im cold as ice you get stretched out like old vaginas, im letting em know im wiling.
Big belly yea Coles a giant, I bet im the dopest rhyming, im setting the tone im flyin
Up next so just don’t deny it, every record I wrote is viral it spread like corona virus.
Thats covid 19 noone dope as I be, I been goin flight speed while you go on IG.
12 years in the game if you know what I mean, man these the kinda bars where you don’t need ID.
They mimicking what im doin I really been an influence theyre listening to my music and thinking that they can do it.
Its finicky no improvement I literally been the dude since little me skipping school and sipping on gin and juices
Aint no gettin in my way im the illest in the game if they think they’ll get away with a little bit of shade
Then ill hit em with a stray till the tissue In they face end up splitting different ways and they never look the same

Ima monster, Mawfucka Ima monster, I thought I told you Im a monster, Mawfucka Im a monsterrrrrr, agh.

Mixed by Nato Down
Reproduced by Nigel Childs
Artwork by Lil Windex

*I do not own the rights to this content*

from Faygoluvers


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