Mackenzie Nicole & Seven – The Making of “Five Months, Four Days”

Mackenzie Nicole and producer Seven dive into their stories behind each song from her new upcoming album “Mystic”.

“This is one of my favorite tracks off the album.” Mack smiles.

“Yea?” Seven replies surprised.

“This is probably, I think, my second favorite right behind the ‘The House above the World’. I love it because we have these urban under tones with it. Like having the add-libs and the overall mood of it.” Mack continues. “This is one of the songs that was very literal for me, but very abstract for someone who is not in my head. I loved the feel of it. The hook is so powerful. The lyrics are so drastic. I wanted to make the lyrical content as intense as the feel of the hook.”

Seven responds by adding, “I don’t know what the emotion is, but more like, an abrasive kind of emotion. This particular track feels that way.”

from Faygoluvers


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