Lil Shank Shouts Out The OG Rydas on new LP

For those who haven’t heard the new Rydas LP, you should definitely check it out and see the flavor of gangsta rap they are bringing to the table!  There are some definite bangers in there that fit right in with the rest of the Rydas catalog.

One interesting note is that there’s a shout-out to all of the OG Rydas on the track “Ima Be a Ryda” by Madr…err…Lil Shank.  In his verse he says:


You a Ryda til the dirt nap
Like Sawed Off, Converse, yes and even Twin Gatz
Like Full Clip and Bullet, I hope they doin’ good
I hope they startin’ new cliques in they own hood

You can hear the verse for yourself here:

Twiztid’s official Youtube page has uploaded the ENTIRE album to a playlist so you can check it out there!  Here’s a link:

Finally, if you want to get a CD or digital copy of the album, get it at

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