Twiztid Appears On New One-Hour Detroit Radio Special “Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown” On 101 WRIF

We know ninjas are always continuously  awaiting for new interviews regarding our favorite Demented Duo, Twiztid! Meltdown of Detroit Rock Station 101 WRIF delivered another  professional fun filled interview with Twiztid at MNE Headquarters about Halloween, Warped Tour, horror films, and a variety of other topics.  The interview lasts over an hour too.  So get that popcorn ready for that fresh in-depth audio interview experience  and check out Meltdown’s appreciation of the music we love via his description of the new “Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown” guest starring Twiztid below!

“I love talking to these guys. Every interview I’ve done with Twiztid has been a great listen. As fall approaches, their schedule becomes very busy. Tours, Halloween, product and merchandise, and more. I went to Twiztid HQ and talked with Madrox and Monoxide on a beautiful sunny day to talk about horror movies, IT, 3 From Hell and The Joker. The guys tell me about bringing drummer Drayven on-board to the live show. We talk about the upcoming Trick Or Treat tour and the Warped tour they did last year and how it changed a lot of people’s perceptions about them. For years people have doubted the guys and they’re still here, proven them wrong. We talk about running their own label and the trials and tribulations of running the show. Generation Nightmare was released in the spring and we discuss the album, why they wear the make-up, action figures and kickstarter for a comic. How about meeting your heroes? The guys talk about meeting theirs and how to treat the fans, plus, the friendship they have. Astronomicon is ready to roll and they give some details on the con. Al Beck brings up the rear with Rock News and stories about Dave Mustaine, The Offspring in a video game, one of the biggest touring rock bands, Ozzy and a former rocker who now goes by the name Kurt Kielbasa. If you dig this episode, plunk down a 5 star rating, write a review, leave a voice message on the feedback line at 248-586-2988.

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