Soopa Heroez Shirts, Ghoul Masks, G-Mo Playstation Decals and More Available at!

Twiztid and the rest of the Majik Ninja family just got finished with the 2nd leg of the Generation Nightmare tour. Yesterday over at they released some leftover tour merch for you to grab up but today the merch on the site is in a whole nother ballpark, ninjas!

To start, here’s a soopa-quick history lesson for ya (lame). 14 years ago, back in 2005 the version of the Soopa Villainz consisting of Violent J (Mr. Diamond), Shaggy 2 Dope (Mr. Club), Esham (Mr. Spade) and Lavel (Mr. Heart) released their albumFurious.” There was another group consisting of Jamie Madrox, Monoxide, Blaze Ya Dead Homie & ABK that called themselves the Soopa Heroez! They had a similar logo to the Villainz and were going to be the yin to their yang. Unfortunately, that project never got off the ground. Not even a song was recorded.

Fast forward to 2019 and ICP & Esham have just released their greatest hits compilation as Soopa Villainz titled “Hit List,” the Soopa Villainz will be headlining Thursday night at The Gathering of the Juggalos and the theme for this year’s Juggalo Gathering is “Soopa.” It seems appropriate that Majik Ninja Entertainment would release some Soopa Heroez themed gear, am I right?

Available right now over at are four brand new Soopa Heroez shirts! Three black t-shirts with different color Soopa Hero designs and a blue pullover baseball jersey! You can get the jersey personalized with your own nameplate. Up to 12 characters.

Here what the black t-shirts look like:

Here what the baseball jersey looks like:

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There have also been a lot more items added to MNEStore. com including a G-Mo Skee Playstation 4 Controller Decal Set, Twiztid Generation Nightmare Full Head Demon & Angel Ghoul Masks, a G-Mo Skee Black Furry Ushanka Hat and more!

Check ’em out:

G-Mo Skee Playstation 4 Controller Decal Set

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Twiztid Generation Nightmare Full Head Demon & Angel Ghoul Masks

Demon Ghoul Mask

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Angel Ghoul Mask

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G-Mo Skee Black Furry Ushanka Hat

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These aren’t the only items up for grabs at the store but definitely the ones I wanted to highlight! Hit up and see what else they’ve got, ninjas!

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