Happy Cannibal Day, August 29!

In 2015, Juggalo Hero Thomas “Cannibal” Cottingham gave his life to protect a mother+child from an attacker in Wilmington, DE. While others stood by and some even held up cell phones, he stepped to protect a stranger with the ultimate sacrifice–an act of pure love.

This “Cannibal” showed the best part of the human spirit, and today commemorates his 31st birthday–a holiday to remind us to be a little kinder to each other, be a little wiser, be a little gentler, be a little more brave and compassionate, even in the face of great tribulation.

On a personal tip, I can only hope to meet his energy on the Otherside when we find our way home.

Happy Cannibal Day, y’all, from all of us here at Faygoluvers.net.

A hero and saint of the Dark Carnival….


How will you celebrate the legacy of Cannibal today?

from Faygoluvers


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