Twiztid’s $10K Giveaway Box Now Available! More Generation Nightmare Pre-order Packages Announced!

Ever since Astronomicon 2, there have been questions about this $10,000 Giveaway Box that was announced.  Monoxide has spoken about it on his late-night smoke sessions via Facebook live, but we now have ALL of the details to fill you in.

First, they are limited to 1,000 boxes and will cost you $100.00 each.  Not only will one lucky ninja receive a $10,000 check in their box, but 100 other boxes will contain prizes from Twiztid’s personal collections!  You could also win your very own Twiztid song!  Here’s the full list of details:


Twiztid’s 10K Giveaway Box
Twiztid has put $10,000 inside of one of the 1,000 boxes and ONE LUCKY PERSON will win TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!! Thats right its Twiztid’s $10k GIVEAWAY!!! Every box will come with an extremely limited CD, with music that will never be rereleased or put up digitally outside of this CD and it’s only available in this box!!! We are talking new music from Jamie Madrox and Monoxide with some awesome added extras on this CD!!! In addition to the CD you will also get a COA explaining the promotion and the items inside the box. There will be added extras inside this box as well, including 100 boxes containing different prizes taken from the personal collections of Twiztid, the MNE Offices, the Dojo, and other items created and secured just for these boxes!!! We are talking CREW JERSEYS, TEST PRESSES, ALL ACCESS PASSES, HAND WRITTEN LYRICS, HAND DRAWN ARTWORK, oh yeah and did we mention the chance to have your very own TWIZTID SONG!!!!!! Thats right in addition to $10,000 dollars you have the chance to have YOUR VERY OWN SONG WITH TWIZTID!!!! So many priceless prizes are included in these boxes we can’t list them all!!! A year’s worth of All Access Passes to Twiztid concerts, VIPs to Astronomicon 3, prototype masks, jerseys created by Jamie Madrox and Monoxide, Haunted High-On’s Hand Drawn covers. . . . . the list goes on and on!!!! This is your chance to score a box and see what you can uncover!!! They will only be available until April 5th, 2019 unless they sell out first, either way this is your shot at $10k!!  After that these will all ship on April 19th, 2019 after that one persons life will change when they open up this box to the tune of

So even if you don’t win the grand prize, or even one of the other 100 super fresh prizes, you get an exclusive CD that will ONLY be available to those who purchased the box.

The Giveaway box wasn’t the only thing that was posted at today!  There are a few more Generation Nightmare Pre-order packages that just went up!  They include:

You can see what those look like here:

Find all of that and MORE at!

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