Fury ‘Rage Quit’ Album Review

The brand new effort ‘Rage Quit’ (Leathal Wreckords) from long time East-Coast Wicked Underground emcee Fury is another satisfying “hip-hop you can relate to” audio approach that will indeed cause a variety of independent rap fans wanting to bump ‘Rage Quit’ on full blast until the sun rises. As the first time listener is listening to ‘Rage Quit’ over and over again, not realizing that their place is now being surrounded by the local police, thanks to an abundant amount of noise complaints. Due to the LP’s infectious “Give No Fucks” replay value that will unconsciously control your mind to crank up the decibels as loud as possible, right before your home theater system explodes! So you better be cautious during your first ‘Rage Quit’ audio experience. Because this is that ill music flavor that is best served with a side of hidden criminal mischief audio sickness that may leave you bound in handcuffs.

The ‘Rage Quit’ LP, also marks a significant return for the Bristol, Connecticut emcee. For anyone who has followed Fury since his modest beginnings amongst the underground hip hop scene since 2005, this album is a clear demonstration of his growth and development as an artist. He has shown remarkable progress with every single album release, and this is no different. The flows presented on ‘Rage Quit’ are arguably some of Fury’s best yet – it’s smooth and melodic while still maintaining that raw energy we’ve come to expect from him. His lyrics are sharper than ever too; they’re full of emotion as he takes us through some difficult memories through the deeply personal tracks “Trapped” and “Now I’m Gone”. As the track “Just Get High” is a laid back stress release/free your mind weed smoke anthem that rivals a good chunk of the chill songs from the mid 2000’s era of the Kottonmouth Kings.

Simply put. Fury has a unique and distinctive voice. His ability to tell stories through his music and use of language is nothing short of extraordinary. However, there is something even more special about Fury’s voice; its distinctness stems from the harsh crime gutters of Bristol, Connecticut. This type of living environment during Fury’s youth doesn’t dampen his spirit or hinder the power and emotion contained within each word that he delivers. If anything, it intensifies it. It adds an extra layer to each line and helps him stand out from other artists in the industry. Fury’s music speaks for itself and reminds us all why the Wicked Underground scene continues to listen – not only does he have exceptionally creative flow but also a story behind it that everyone can relate to on a personal level. With standout guest features from the likes of D-12, Q-Strange, Shaggy 2 Dope, and King Gordy. And the “brick to the face” raps Fury grandly displays on record, ‘Rage Quit” has the potential to be among the top 10 underground rap releases of 2023. Nuff said!

Stream/Support ‘Rage Quit’ here: https://linktr.ee/fury860

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