Blaze Ya Dead Homie Surprises Fans W/ Debut Comic Book “Ashcan” via Source Point Press!

Source Point Press is always bringing forth non-stop fictional freshness! Yes! Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Rob Humphrey (Writer) and  Austin McKinley (Artist) will be debuting Blaze’s very first comic book “Ashcan” via the State of Comics official Astronomicon 6 booth. More specifically on Friday, March 3rd at the Burton Manor located in Livonia, Michigan at 7 p.m. est. This comic book premiere will serve as the official preview for “Ashcan”.  As Blaze will be bringing 300 limited copies of the “Ashcan” preview exclusively for Astronomicon 6. The Dead Man emcee will also be hand singing the “Ashcan” preview  comic book too! Here is what Blaze Ya Dead Homie had to say across social media about his solo debut comic book.

From Blaze Ya Dead Homie:

“Over the past few months I’ve been working on my first ever comic book with my homies Rob Humphrey & Austin McKinley! Now for the first time ever, all of those attending Astronomicon, you’ll get a chance to pick up the ashcan preview comic! Debuting at the State of Comics booth Friday Night at 7PM, I’ll be bringing 300 copies for the Fam! You can get yours signed and even have it submitted for grading to preserve it just like your dead homie Blaze, minus the embalming fluid! Then throughout the weekend, while supplies last, they will be available at the MNE Booth. Catch Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s first ever solo comic book ashcan preview at Astronomicon this March 3-5!”

Be sure to scoop up your own Astronomicon 6 tix through this authentic link here:


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