Today Marks the Official 30th Anniversary of Hip-Hop’s First Double LP Esham’s “Judgement Day”! *Mini-Editorial*

Whoa. Time continues to slip into the future because today marks the 30th anniversary of hip-hop’s very first double LP! We here at are talking about Esham’s legendary “Judgement Day”  double LP! An album so influential to Detroit’s underground hip-hop scene, even Insane Clown Posse paid respect towards the double LP by  covering  its title track “Judgement Day” in honor of  Hallowicked 2018! Officially released on Thursday, April 9, 1992, Detroit’s very own Acid Rap Grim Reaper that is Esham the Unholy, proved the wicket shit was destined to flourish among the underworld of hip-hop forever through Judgement Day’s metallic gut ripping approach! Where were you when you first bumped ‘Judgement Day’ Vol 1 and Vol 2 back to back?! What are you favorite ‘Judgement Day’ tracks? Leave your thoughts below!

From Reel Life Productions:

“Originally released as two volumes in April 1992, Judgement Day is rap’s first double album. Although it has been almost totally ignored by the hip-hop establishment, Esham’s sophomore effort stands as a lo-fi rap masterpiece. Even now, the songs come off bold. If it had never been done before, then Esham was interested in trying it. The album features some of the most inventive uses of samples on any rap record from this era — even the commonly used samples appear here raw and invigorated. Esham’s delivery is rough and venomous, the perfect tone for his devilish subject matter. The music manages to unite the savage intent of heavy metal, the raw attack of early hip-hop, and the hallucinatory atmosphere of psychedelic rock. The fact that the production values are rough-hewn only adds to the album’s appeal. Taken as a whole, these thirty tracks represent a thrilling, and often terrifying, listening experience. Be sure not to miss “Nine Dead Bodies,” “Momma Was a Junkie,” “Acid,” “Losing My Religion,” “Judgement Day,” “Living In Incest” and “Finger In the Cake Mix.”

From the All Music Guide To Hip-Hop Archives:




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