Today Marks the Official 20th Anniversary of Twiztid’s ‘Mirror Mirror’ EP! *Mini-Editorial*

Hot damn, ninjas! Today marks the official 20th anniversary of Twiztid’s Psychopathic Records released ‘Mirror Mirror’ EP! On Tuesday, April 9th, 2022,  ‘Mirror Mirror’ straight up shook the underworld of hip-hop to its very core, as it  gave Juggalos across the globe a sinister sneak peak of what eventually became the Twiztid fan favorite LP ‘The Green Book’! The haunting intro  of ‘Mirror Mirror’ instantaneously  sent musical goosebumps up our spines. As the opening track of ‘Mirror Mirror’ ‘Reflection’ terrified first time listeners through mortuary House of Krazees’ rhyme schemes. While the classic closure ‘You’re the Reazon’ brought tears to many Juggalos faces because tons of us lyrically felt Jamie and Monoxide’s personal tribute to the Juggalos through out our entire musical soul.  As that track gave many hope and a reason to live! Do you remember where you were twenty years ago when you first bumped ‘Mirror Mirror’?! What’s your personal favorite track from ‘Mirror Mirror’?! Leave your thoughts and favorite memories in regards to the 20th anniversary of ‘Mirror Mirror’ below! Now here’s Scottie D and Chad Carsten with their  own personal Juggalo history lessons regarding the release of Twiztid’s ‘Mirror Mirror’ EP!

From Scottie D:

“Fresh off of the crazy high of the ‘Freekshow album’, Twiztid had a hell of a task ahead of them for a follow-up. That came in the form of ‘Mirror Mirror’ in 2002, and for most Juggalos including myself, it did NOT disappoint! Though I saw Twiztid perform a handful of times before, and saw them behind plexiglass during the ‘Jeckel Brothers’ instore tour, I had never actually met Jamie or Paul face-to-face. That year, they set off on the ‘Mirror Mirror’ In-store tour, and they were super fresh to everyone who came to give them props! I had several friends on the Mirror Mirror street team, and Faygoluvers had already made a name for ourselves, so they were appreciative of our support too! Madrox even sported a Faygoluvers shirt that I gifted to him at a stop or two! On an side note, the week that Mirror Mirror dropped, I got a new CD deck, speakers, and subwoofer installed in my truck.”

“The installer (a 50+ year old ninja) asked if I had a CD handy so that he could tune it. I handed him Mirror Mirror. Unfortunately for me, he took an excessively long time to tune it. The song Dirty Lil Girl came on while I was out in the install bay with him, and that song isn’t something you just bump with the windows down with an audience. I just grit my teeth and waited for it to be over and tried not to act embarrassed. *Laughs* That long EP stayed on repeat for months, and will forever be a classic in this Juggalo’s catalog!”

From Chad Carsten:

“I will be straight up honest. As a Linkin Park kid first,  I didn’t become aware of the Juggalo Culture until  Fall of 2003 when a friend handed me ‘The Green Book’ LP to bump  on a Walkman, while we were slacking off in history class. But fast forward to Winter 2009 near Billings, Montana when I first filed income tax’s for the first time. Of course, I immediately hit up FYE when the tax refund hit my bank account and scooped up a shit load of albums, including Twiztid’s ‘Mirror Mirror’ EP! My younger brother and I were bumping ‘Mirror Mirror’ as loud as we could  inside a 1993 Silver Cadillac DeVille, rattling the doors so hard, it felt as tho the doors were about to rip off the hinges when we were cruising down Zoo Drive. We pulled into a Taco John’s to clog our arteries with their greasy ass beef potato burrito and ‘Mirror Mirror’ is still blasting loud as fuck! The track “Leff Field’ is blaring near the drive thru intercom. And when Violent J’s verse hit with.  “Then I kick ya fucking guts in until your ribs break, There’s your mutha fucking hand shake, bitch (bitch, bitch, bitch”, the manager of Taco John’s storms out the side employee door towards the Cadillac and starts cussing at us to turn down “our shitty music’“.  Of course, our immature early adult selves didn’t listen and just drove off without ordering. That was my first ‘Mirror Mirror’ listening experience! Up above is my personal signed copy of ‘Mirror Mirror’ alongside other classic Twiztid releases!”


from Faygoluvers


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