Monoxide apologizes to Juggalos for Not being at the Juggalo March

Monoxide of Twiztid just took it upon himself to jump on a live stream and discuss the Juggalo March.  I didn’t think that we’d ever hear anything from the Majik Ninja Entertainment crew regarding the Juggalo March again, but I have to give Monoxide a huge amount of credit for talking about it, reflecting about his/their decision not to come, and more.

I highly recommend you watching it for yourself, and we’re making that easy for you.

Check the excerpt of the live stream that was snipped by our homies at Beneath The Dirt below:

I did my best to transcribe the statement that he made, and you can see that below.

I ain’t thinkin’ about that shit…about how motherfuckers are mad at us and shit.
I know a lot of that stems from the March.
Like real shit, at this point, just reflecting on it, at the end of the day…
and this is just me. This isn’t anybody else.
I shouldn’t even be talking about no shit like this.
But I think you know 20/20 is hindsight
We should have been there if nothing else but for you.
Regardless of what it was, it was something that you guys wanted us to be there and we let all this other shit get in the way of whatever the fuck it is.
And at the end of the day, we fuckin’ let you down.
Because we should have just seen through it and been there.
And I apologize from Paul Methric to every one of you that felt a certain way about that.
You know what I mean? No bullshit.
I said I would never talk about it again, but it’s just been on my mind lately.
And I just want to say that.
For whatever it was, it doesn’t matter.
You guys wanted us there, you needed us there.
And we let whatever interfere with that. And I apologize.
I apologize for that.
It took a while, maybe, for me to see what that was but I do.
I hope we can move past it.

Look, I know that some Juggalos have a lot of disdain for Twiztid and MNE, but I’m hoping that this is the beginning of somewhat of an olive branch being extended.  Maybe not, but I still hold out hope that one day that we can hold our DLs up in the air in the presence of all 5 petals.  Whoop fuckin’ whoop!

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