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In recent years Twiztid has made music that crossed so many genres lines.  They have covered songs like “Hungry like the Wolf” and really began to show the roots of rock and metal that fans had only seen in small doses.  In their live performances they created The Wicked, a metal/rock trio that backed their previously hip hop tracks and made them very different but also very successful.  Fans saw them join the final Warped Tour and begin to spread their music to a more mainstream audience.  Creatively they have blossomed since leaving Psychopathic Records and that is very evident in all of their releases since that time.  2020 has been a very strange year for everyone and Twiztid is no exception.  They have seen their label, Majik Ninja Entertainment, grow and evolve.  Then they began to drop new music.  It began with Mad Season which dropped on 4/20/2020 and brought us the cover mentioned earlier as well as eleven other new tracks like F Feelings and Wasted 4.  On 10/9/2020 they released “Songs of Samhain”, a holloween inspired set of tracks which harkened back to their horrocore roots.  Then finally on 11/27/2020 they released Revelashen.  This released promised a new sound for them.  Did this album deliver or become just another release for the catalog?

Track listing

  1. Hallelujah Ft Young Wicked
  2. Blueprint
  3. We Just Wanna Be Heard
  4. Get Through the Day
  5. Come Alive Ft Kid Bookie & Young Wicked
  6. Clear
  7. Hold Up Ft Young Wicked
  8. Separate
  9. Twinz
  10. Laughable Ft Young Wicked & Lex the Hex Master
  11. Change Me
  12. Never Be Nothing

Track list and ratings

  1. Hallelujah Ft Young Wicked- This track has a slow but driving beat. Twiztid alters their flow to weave in and out of the beat and it really highlights their lyrical skills.  Young Wicked brings his unique delivery to his short verse in this track.  The hook is good if not slightly too busy.  4/5
  2. Blueprint- Another slow beat here. This track is very similar to other tracks released by the duo in recent years.  They have a slightly disjointed style and delivery but it is well done and the hook is simple.  5/5
  3. We Just Wanna Be Heard- The track starts with little to no backing but gives way to a hard hitting banger of a beat. This song brings a different feel than any previous tracks as it seems like a plee to fans outside of their usual fan base.  The beat is super unique and the changes musically begin to shine in this track.  4/5
  4. Get through the Day- dipping their toe into the beat and delivery style of the “new era” of hip hop in this track is obvious from the first beat. The hook is backed by hard rock riffs and gives the new style that Twiztid edge.  Jaime gives a more modern verse and Paul sticks to the style fans can easily recognize.  5/5
  5. Come Alive Ft Kid Bookie & Young Wicked- This track is led off by Kid Bookie. A new face for fans to get to know.  His chopper delivery is well delivered.  He will definitely catch fans attention from the first word.  Young Wicked adds his style to the hook in this one though his influence is heard throughout the entirety of the track.  4/5
  6. Clear- The beat in this track can be described in one word, fire. The beat is an absolute banger.  The verses and construction of the entire track easily makes this one of the best tracks on the album.  5/5
  7. Hold Up Ft Young Wicked- The auto tune here is immediate and in our face. Young wicked delivers a very modern style of verse to lead the track off.  This track comes off more like an Axe Murder Boyz track ft Twiztid, which isn’t a bad thing but very much unexpected on a Twiztid album.  Not sure how that will play with Twiztid purists.  4/5
  8. Separate- The album takes a turn with this track as they slow things down and get much more in their feelings, similar to the track Long Road Home. The verses have a message to deliver and do a good job of doing just that.  The hook turns the energy up to eleven which adds a nice change to the down tone of the rest of the track.  5/5
  9. Twinz- By stripping down the beat in the beginning of the track it sets up the beat drop nicely. They also alter between the heavy bass and simple stripped down beat.  The lyrics are solid and well delivered although a little more simplistic than fans are used to.  5/5
  10. Laughable Ft Young Wicked & Lex the Hex Master- A classic old school style is brought back to light. This track harkens back to the more classic sound listeners can expect. Young Wicked provides the hook again here.  Majik Ninja’s original signee and veteran Lex the Hex Master is highlighted with a solid verse and delivery.  His growth is very obvious here.  A simple beat and great verses make this track one of the best on the album.  5/5
  11. Change Me- If flip the script was a track this is it. This track is nothing like we have ever heard from the demented duo. It is an upbeat and positive track about change and improving oneself.  This track will either be a huge success or a huge failure.  While listeners may appreciate the message and attempt at something new it may not hit the right note with them.  A positive message nine the less. 3/5
  12. Never Be Nothing- Another introspective track concludes this album. The vibe is vastly different than the previous one for sure. The slow and simple beat allows the lyrics to come screaming through.  Similar to LDLHAIBCSYWA in the feel and delivery but nothing like it lyrically.  A melodic end to a very diverse album.  4/5


Overall Rating: 3.95/5



Conclusion:  When this LP was announced I have to admit I was excited to hear what new twists they would bring to the table.  Twiztid managed to embrace the new style of rap and hip hop without abandoning their distinct style and delivery.  This album takes fans on a thoughtful and immersive journey into the minds of two very complex icons in the underground.  The highpoints for some listeners will be overlooked by others but in the end there are tracks on the album for every single Twiztid fan.  As fans see Twiztid grow and change like the seasons one things has remained constant, their willingness to push boundaries and try new things.  As a longtime fan I appreciate their willingness to grow and adapt.  As a music reviewer I have to say some track hit the bullseye dead on and some missed the mark.  Twiztid will continue to blur the lines of music genres and for that most fans will give them the love and respect they rightfully deserve.

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