Results from Psychopathic’s Holiday Love Auction

Tonight, ICP’s Hella Fresh Holidays was available for ALL to view!  Why? Because tonight’s broadcast featured a ton of one-of-a-kind items that were being auctioned off! 70% of proceeds will be going to the artists’ selected charities which can be seen below:

Shaggy 2 Dope


  • Chosen Charity: Eric Newsome – Juggalo Drill Sergeant
    • Ninja that did cadence using ICP songs
    • Came down with Leukemia so they are trying to raise money for medical expenses
    • GoFundMe link:
  • Jumpsteady went deep in his personal stash

Violent J

Now check this out…even if you didn’t see the stream, it’s up and available for you to watch for FREE!  You can do that by clicking on the link below:

ICP’s Holiday of Love Auction @

You can also see pictures of the available items and bid on them all at!  The items up for bid are as follows.

Shaggy 2 Dope

  1. Three hand-stitched jerseys
    1. Violent J face yellow hockey jersey with Shaggy 2 Dope on the back
    2. 17th Gathering Butterfly jersey with Shaggy on the back.  Worn during JCW match
    3. Yellow Killjoy Club Football Jersey with Shaggy on the back
    4. Shaggy’s Xmas jersey
  2. Shaggy 2 Dope Original Painting
  3. Shaggy 2 Dope clothing from “Tell These Bitches” music video
  4. Spiral notebook with EVERY song with every lyric from Fuck The Fuck Off Motherfucker!
    1. Has notes for official track list
    2. Has alternate lines
    3. Notes from DJ Clay
    4. Notes on samples used
    5. Lyrics to “If We Were A Gang” Psypher
    6. 6 test pressings for FTFOMF
  5. The Great Milenko RIAA Certified Gold Plaque
    1. Presented to Shaggy 2 Dope from the RIAA
  6. Clothing Lot
    1. Psychopathic Records jacket given to Shaggy 2 Dope as an employee of Psychopathic
    2. Stage-worn clothing from Shaggy 2 Dope including a cape, denim vest with sparkly hatchetman logo
    3. SlamFest torn up Dickies shirt


  1. Gathering of the Juggalos Theme’d auction
    1. 2 crew shirts: 17th annual crew shirt, and 20th annual crew shirt
    2. 5 sealed GOTJ booklets with metal amulets from first 5 gatherings
    3. Rob Bruce baseball jersey for the Wrasslerap solo tour
  2. Jersey and CD Collection
    1. Superballs Hockey Jersey
    2. Hallowicked 2020 “Mr Nothingman” CD
    3. Backyard Wrestling Don’t Try This At Home CD
    4. Pendulum #1 Amazing Maze CD
    5. Pendulum #2 I don’t Care
    6. Pendulum #3
    7. Pendulum #4 The Great Show
    8. Pendulum #5
    9. Ray Day Price CD Rom
    10. Twiztid Freekshow Sampler
    11. Pendulum #7
    12. Pendulum #8
    13. Jumpsteady Chaos Theory album
    14. Esham Acid Rain Sampler
    15. Esham Woo Woo Woo single
    16. Esham in Detroit Repentance Sampler
    17. Hallowicked Murder Cloak 2004
    18. GOTJ 2005 CD
    19. Murder City Christmas CD (2005)
    20. Esham A-1 Yola Sampler
    21. Twiztid Man’s Myth Sampler
    22. Boondox The Harvest Sampler
    23. Blaze Clockwork Gray Sampler
    24. Boondox Krimson Creek Sampler
    25. ICP BPB Sampler
    26. ABK Last Chance Single
    27. Twiztid NYE 4
    28. Hallowicked 2014
    29. Hallowicked 2016
    30. Big Ballers Xmas CD
    31. Soopa Villainz Ricochet
    32. ICP’s Hell’s Cellar
    33. Shaggy 2 Dope’s Gloomy Sunday
    34. Jumpsteady Master of the Flying Guillotine
  3. Ultimate Morton’s List Collection
    1. DCG logo magnet
    2. Morton’s List amulet
    3. Morton’s List Gold Seal edition
    4. Morton’s List Tournament banner
    5. Jumpsteady’s personal Morton’s List hockey jersey
    6. Jumpsteady signed Master of the Flying Guillotine
  4. Ultimate Juggalos Against Sanity Banner
    1. 6′ x 3′ JAS Banner
    2. Juggalos Against Sanity Game
    3. Juggalos Against Sanity expansion pack
    4. Juggalos Against Sanity promo pack given out as prizes
    5. Dark Carnival Games logo jersey (only 5 in existence)
    6. Jumpsteady Master of the Flying Guillotine CD
  5. Into the Echoside Ultimate Collection
    1. 6′ x 3′ Into the Echoside Banner
    2. Into The Echoside sealed game
    3. Oracle of the Three Rings Expansion
    4. Shaggy Show card
    5. 3 pack of bonus Echoside cards
    6. Holographic foil EPIC cards
    7. DCG Logo Hockey Jersey (1 of 5)
  6. Quest for Shangri-La Ultimate Collection
    1. 10′ x 5′ Quest for Shangri-La banner
    2. DCG Logo Hockey Jersey (1 of 5)
    3. Sealed Quest for Shangri-La game
    4. Foil edition ending cards
    5. Book of hand-drawn sketches (45 pages) by Jumpsteady that he sent to Tall Jess for final artwork

Violent J

  1. ICP’s Detroit Music Award for Distinguished Achievement award
  2. Violent J Tour Jacket Lot
    1. ICP Hell’s Pit Tour Jacket
    2. Leather Jeckel Brothers Tour Jacket (with inside stitching cut out)
    3. Psychopathic Records leather jacket (mint)
  3. Red Box from the Red Door
    1. Red Door is an after hours club that J and Shaggy performed at way back in the day
    2. ICP Hallowicked 2000 CD
    3. Tribute to Insane Clown Posse
    4. V-Sinizter Hunting Season CD
    5. WCW’s Mayhem CD featuring ICP
    6. Hell’s Pit original pressing
    7. Backstage pass from Club Chaos days
    8. Psychopathic Rydas Scrimps EP
    9. Mad Professor single
    10. Alternative Press Dirtball CD
    11. Pendulum CDs
    12. Original Pressing of Carnival of Carnage on cassette
    13. Original pressing of Amazing Jeckel Brothers
    14. Shaggy 2 Dope Fuck Off on blue cassette (signed)
    15. Riddlebox Battery Records edition
    16. FatSweaty Betty Celluloid Bubble mix
    17. Dead Pumpkins sealed from Hallowicked at the Majestic
    18. Grand Finale: Golden Goldies in shrink wrap on cassette
  4. Violent J Jersey Collection
    1. JCW Jersey
    2. Flip The Rat Jersey with Violent J and 665 on the back
    3. Killjoy Club Jersey with Violent J on the back
    4. Ouija Macc Hockey Jersey with Violent J on the back
    5. Violent J’s baseball jersey from the Wrasslerap Charity solo tour
    6. Gathering 17 Butterfly Hockey Jersey
    7. Fred Fury jersey collection
    8. Pro Wrestling Syndicate Violent J jersey
    9. Ruby’s Clown and Pet Love jersey
  5. Violent J’s Juggalo Junk case
    1. Vinyl CD case full of show tapes, rough cuts, beats, etc
    2. Some CDs have acapella CDs
    3. Redneck Hoe 99 rough cuts
    4. ICP Radio edits
    5. ICP Million Dollar Bill
    6. Zug Izland “Idiot”
    7. Show tape for Bizzar tour
    8. Money Don’t Matter with Violent J and Rude Boy
    9. Fuck Off rough version
  6. Violent J Creates a Song for You
    1. Violent J will write a song of your choice for you
    2. Could be about your mom, Venom, or a cover song, or anything you can possibly think of
    3. No subject is off limits!

These auctions will be available to bid on for about 24 hours!  They will end at midnight Tuesday night, so if you’ve got that bank, make sure you head over to and get your bidding on!

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