Mr. Grey’s “Righteous Devil” Rock Album Up For Pre-order!

Recently it was alluded to that Gorilla Voltage (Mr. Grey & ClockworC) may be putting out some new music together.  While we’re waiting on that though, Mr. Grey has a brand new rock album that’s about to drop!  It’s called Righteous Devil and Grey says that it’s some of his favorite music that he’s ever written!

This multi-talented dude also played every instrument on the album! How dope is that?

Want a physical copy?  How about a t-shirt?  Well both are limited, so you better jump on it now!

For a CD, it’ll cost you $15.00 shipped if it’s in the US, or $25.00 international.

If you want a T-shirt/CD combo, it’s $30.00 in the US, or $45.00 international.

CDs are limited to 150 copies and only 40 shirts will be made!  Follow the directions on the flyer below and send your Paypal payments to!

Click to enlarge!

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