J Payne – “Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper”

Download the full 16 track album here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2wd169vvoktne3s/J_Payne_TMNR.zip/file

  1. TMNR Intro
  2. Tick Tock (ft. Rapture Ready)
  3. Straought Out The Sewer (ft. B Holy, Sanctified Souldier, Christ Sufficient)
  4. Traits of a Ninja
  5. Do Ya (ft. Blizz & Toney Dabney)
  6. Mutated (ft. Franco Bz, XSP, & Monolythik)
  7. TMNR
  8. Knw Thine Enemy (ft. Just Us)
  9. Elevator Music (Ft. G Nutty, Excalibar, InClyne)
  10. Open Your Eyes
  11. So Amazing (Ft. Lyme, Mike Jacob, Kross)
  12. Wake Up (ft. Emac the Great)
  13. April O’Neil
  14. Jesus Is The Only Answer
  15. The Final Hour (ft. Edifide & Jeremiah Dirt)
  16. Paul Harvey “If I Were The Devil” Outro

from Faygoluvers


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