Violent J Discusses Canceling The 2020 GOTJ, Whoop Dub Beer, Custom Clown Clips, ALIENS +More With Clownvis!

The one and only Clownvis Presley has been doing a web series as of late titled Clownvis To The Rescue. On his latest episode, Clownvis had special guest Violent J of the infamous Insane Clown Posse! In this interview, Violent J goes on to talk about canceling this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos,Whoop Dubb Beer, Custom Clown Clips, the rapid pace of technology, aliens, and a lot more! This is without a doubt the freshest interview I have seen since being in quarantine! Definitely make sure to check this one out! Also, big shout out to Clownvis for showing love to Faygoluvers! This guy is without a doubt one of the dopest clowns around! Make sure to check him out on all of his social medias and hit them like/subscribe buttons!

Click to watch the full interview on Clownvis official Facebook.

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