Jamie Madrox Reviews Halloween 2018

For the last 3 weeks now, Jamie Madrox of Twiztid has been dropping some fresh movie reviews over at DreadCentral.com. In this week’s instalment, the multiple man goes over 2018’s installment to the horror movie franchise, Halloween. Check out this little snipit from the article…

We see that because of PTSD Laurie Strode (Myers’ original victim that got away) has become a modern-day version of The Terminator franchise’s Sarah Conner; she’s obsessed with guns, tactical maneuvers and survival of the fittest, preparing for a head-to-head with the inevitable killer waiting to add her to his list of victims.

If your interested in hearing more of what Jamie has to say about this movie, then you can go check out this fresh ass article by clicking the picture below.

Click to visit DreadCentral.com

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