Twiztid Surprises Fans With Raw New Record “Mad Season” and Trippy Horrortastic Video!

It’s now approaching the Witching Hour and the Detroit Demented Duo has awesomely decided to drop a surprise record on our asses as if thousands upon thousands of  exploding atomic bombs containing explosions  of  underground greatness just landed on top of the whole world! The surrpise LP is titled “Mad Season” and it freshly contains 13 tracks of that wicked shit we all adore. Please support “Mad Season” here: especially since Twiztid can’t tour and they still gave us a dope record!  Peep the horrortastic trippy “Off W/ They Heads” video below! Happy  4/20/20 ya’ll!

Official Twiztid “Mad Season” Track List:
  1. Off With They Heads
  2. Do This 1 More Time
  3. Everything’s Cursed
  4. That’s What They Be Telling Me
  5. F Feelings
  6. Wasted 4 w/ Blaze, ABK, AMB, & Bings
  7. Follow Me w/ Hyro the Hero
  8. Hungry Like The Wolf w/ Jimmy Urine of MSI
  9. Never Change
  10. Fuck Wit Us w/ Blaze
  11. My Bible w/ Stevie Stone & Young Wicked
  12. Slo-Mo
  13. 4get U w/ Ekoh & Young Wicked

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