Faygoluvers 4/20 Mega Post!

What’s up you guys?! Caligreen here with a super fresh mega post for that ass! In celebration with every stoner’s favorite holiday, a lot of musical artists like to release new music for the smoker’s across the world! With that in mind, I thought it would dope to put together a super post showcasing ALL of the freshness. I’ll be doing my best to update this post as the day goes on, so feel free to keep checking for updates. Now with that said ninjas, let’s get into it…


What better way to start off the post than with some new visual freshness from the one and only D-Loc of the Kottonmouth Kings? That’s right you guys, D-Loc is dropping a new music video for the track, New Vans, at 9AM PST. Sounds like a good wake and bake to me!



 Now this one has technically already been posted about, but it’s new and it’s Twiztid so let’s talk about it! The demented duo, aka Twiztid, iust released a new music video for their latest single, Off W/ They Heads. The video is super trippy and will surely at times have you falling into a trance! In addition, if you head over to MNEstore.com, you’ll see a new surprise Twiztid album titled, Mad Season, is now up for purchase! The album is currently unavailable on all streaming sites, so if you wanna peep the freshness then you’ll have to go scoop yourself up a copy!



Comedy hip hop artist, Reverend Television of Weird Die Young dropped a super fresh track title Buck Naked.



click link to listen on DatPiff

Armed Robbery Entertainment’s, Jaysin The Sin God, just dropped the 3rd installment to his mixtape series, The Process. It’s hosted by DJ Clay and is 100% certified fresh! Seriously, I’ve been bumping it while writing this post and it’s dope!


1 Pure Water
2 Money In The Grave
3 Babysitter
4 Ricky
5 Suge
6 All That
7 Broke AF
8 Bleed It
9 Heart On Ice
10 Go Loco
11 Shooters
12 Put A Date On It
13 Random
14 The Box


Here is one I’m very excited to tell you ninjas about! Dragon Eye Guyz dropped a new EP today titled Nickles. Now what’s makes this release so special you ask? I’m actually one halve of the duo that makes up this group! DJ Caligreen on the beat, and MC Skunk Stanky with that lyrical freshness! This one is very experimental, so if your looking for something different then this one is for you!


1 Showdown At The Nickel Arcade
2 Mad Munchies
3 Ghost Kush
4 Tickle My Pickle
5 Drain The Lizard



click to listen on Bandcamp

  Those fresh ass ninjas over at Sticker Stash Customz dropped the 2nd installment to their mixtape series Good Vibes & Hard Times. It features The Michigan Misfits, Sleep Lyrical Troubled Mindz, and whole lot more!



1 HooNoz – Fire Habits 02:16
2 Troubled Mindz Ft. GxdHatesUs – Good Vibes & High Times
3 Will D.O.E. Ft. P.G. – Get you high
4 The Michigan Misfists – Roll Up
5 Jaqadeliq – While you get high
6 Sleep Lyrical Ft. Ace Boogy & A-Game the Raptile – I’m fried
7 Duke Shocka – Swang Out
8 Shayne Pop’N Wolf – What I Need
9 CE Ft. Motion Picture – Let it go
10 Supah Smash Bro’s – 80’s Baby
11 Rookz – High Detroit
12 Mistah DKB – I’m Smokin’ Good
13 Last Laugh Records – The luckness monster



CarnivalSpirits/Half Hour Stoner Power dropped the 9th installment to the 4EVAlivinNdaFO20 mixtape series titled, 420twenty20. Now this fresh little mixtape series is something I’ve been doing just about every year for over the last decade!  Roll one up and peep it!


1 Deadhed Da Zombie – Kush Clouds
2 Dragon Eye Guyz – Bud In Bud Out
3 Ryder Da Kemist – Get Funk’d
4 A Dub Ft Akil – Dope ShXt!
5 Dragon Eye Guyz – Mad Munchies
6 Shadow Sweets – Pass Dat Joint Back To
7 The Butcher – Twistin Up That Smoke


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Now like I said ninjas, I plan on adding to this post throughout the day so if you know of anything that should be added to the list you cab go ahead and either drop a comment below, or send me an email directly at thereal2fresh@gmail.com

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