Wrekonize – “Creekside Villas” [Freestyle]

Produced by Nice Guy Mean Beats


Paragraph to pen here he go he got the lens
Speeding down Kendall drive he’s drinking again
Everybody tell him stop but he just pretends
Nobody call him Ben nope not even his friends
Friends falling off like nobody is real no more
Everybody got they thing All of us are acting grown
Go on little man get your hustle on pop
Don’t you ever stop till you know you on top
When I was a little tyke poppa was a rolling stone
Moved around the country kinda like a mobile home
Settled back in London wish I saw him frequently
I’m gon’ change the frequency see time is moving eagerly
I just wanna make him proud like I been expected to
and I’m trying to rep for you all of y’all the Wreking crew
Sitting on the record loop trying to make the extra moves
I ain’t had no extra time since I dropped that second nuke
37 now you can feel the nicest
40 round the corner like a midlife crisis
Dices words like it’s vice to all isis
Might just bring kites to light this bitch brightest
Yeah Benny got that backyard bucking
She says I’m on to something whisper to me while we’re fucking
Homer on the job cuz I hit it on the button
got her yelling bad boy right after when we puffing
Flesh of my flesh lest she been blood sucking
Then she have to get toasted roasted mutton
On my mind cuz these sheeple get pretty reliant
On being really blind to the spin of the fine
We limit the bind and get up in it to find
Another road to perdition cuz the sins have been mine
Praying on my knees now I just need to find some hope
Trying to keeping it jumping like halo ain’t trying to see the scope
You just need to hear the sermons
You’re all locked up inside a fearful version
I got a couple spheres we can spear the urchin
There’s a beer here lurking for the fearless merchant
Yeah sometimes I need discretion
otherwise I might ramble on Led Zeppelin
otherwise I might sing a song when I’m stressing
Use it as a weapon to defend my ancestry
Reconoce kicking it with blackalaks
Running shows in Canada Killing it as matter fact
Open up the Jose sipping till I cataract
Member kinda swollen till I swing the battle-axe
I just came to help the Rock spin
Some wanna drop gems some no options
Every days a gift in this world of watchmen
Don’t wait up for the clock cuz the pace has been locked in

from Faygoluvers


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