Ouija Macc Arrested During Music Video Shoot?

I’m not gonna lie, we weren’t sure if we should even be posting about this as we don’t know any details on what’s happening or if it’s even real, but it’s at least worth a mention. Am I right?

Last night, on Ouija Macc and Insane Clown Posse’s social media pages, an eight-second video was released showing Ouija Macc being arrested and thrown into the back of a police car. The video, that was shot by Lil Tear Deer, shows Ouija’s lady friend asking “babe, what happened?” After getting no reply she starts saying to the police officers “he didn’t do shit! He didn’t do shit!” That’s when one of the officers slaps the phone out of Lil Tear Deer’s hand.

In the video, it also appears there is someone else in the back of the police car. We now know it’s another artist known as Starfoxlaflare.

According to MGMT, witnesses saw police assaulting both artists after coercing them off of private property during a video shoot. It’s not certain if bail will be posted or not.

Check out the video below.


We’ve offered our help and as soon as bail is set it will be posted. Ouija Macc is innocent. #FREEOUIJA

Posted by Insane Clown Posse on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

OK, now here’s where things are a bit fishy. I’m not saying the video isn’t real. If it is; that’s shitty for Ouija Macc. If it’s not; I can totally see why they’re doing it. It’s creating a buzz (I mean, we’re posting about it aren’t we?) and Ouija has a new album, Wasteland, a new video dropping soon, and likely more on deck.

They were filming a music video at the time, which is convenient. Especially if they feature police officers in the video.

Also, have a look at the police uniforms in the video. Have a close look. Does it look legit? Hmm…

We’ll be posting more updates as they roll in.

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