SOOPA GATHERING Video Drop #3: Juggalo Wedding, Ouija Macc Set, Jedi Mind Tricks!

We’ve got another Gathering Video Drop ready for that ass!  There’s some good footage that we are releasing tonight that you’ll want to see because you either missed it altogether, or want to experience it again in HD!

First up, Philly Emcees the Jedi Mind Tricks performed on the Main stage at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos!  We caught a few minutes of the beginning of their set, and you can see that here:

Next up, we’ve got footage from that crazy ass ninja Ouija Macc!  He straight schooled his set on both the main stage, and at the Juggalo Yacht Club party!  You can see a portion of his Soopa Stage performance here:

And finally, my favorite footage drop of the night, the entire Soopa Wedding ceremony!  There was a good crowd of Juggalos in attendance for this, but I know that there were plenty that missed it.  After hours of putting the wedding together (to which me and the wifey, Heather D., Cherry Bomb, Esham John, and plenty of others were involved), it went off without a hitch!  Check out the vows and try not to cry like a baby back bitch!

Congrats to Shape and Lady Rome on beginning the rest of their lives together!  Whoop Whoop!

We’ll be back tomorrow and throughout the weekend to drop some more footage!  Keep checking back right here at Faygoluvers for your Gathering flavor hookup!

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