DJ Clay – “Over The Fear Of…”

DJ Clay announced the title and release date of his newest album during his set this year at the Gathering of the Juggalos. That title was “Over The Fear Of…” and that release date was August 30th! Check out our original news post HERE.

This Armed Robbery Entertainment release is available right now for digital pre-order on iTunes! You can get that by CLICKING HERE. If you do, you’ll get the track “Eyez Clozdimmediately!

More shit you should know: Grab it the week before it officially drops, and pay only $4.99! Clay got that hook-up for y’all.

Check out the tracklist below.

  1. Over Fear
  2. Fax
  3. Don’t Quote Me
  4. Everybody
  5. Apologies
  6. Eyez Clozd
  7. Just Like You
  8. Tear Up
  9. Running
  10. Yeah Bro
  11. Got It Wrong
  12. Fade Away
  13. Numb

August 30th, homies! Don’t sleep!

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