Friday the 13th: Twisted Insane Dropping 2 New Releases; “Sick James” & “Sickopatomous!”

It’s extremely rare for a rapper or group to drop two albums on the same date but Twisted Insane isn’t your ordinary rapper. He just played the Gathering of the Juggalos which was fucking insane (no pun intended) but the insane news (okay, pun intended) doesn’t stop there!

This September on Friday the 13th, this ninja is going to be droppin’ two brand new full-length LP’s on that ass! They’ll be available digitally on pretty much every major digital platform available.

One of those releases is the album “Sick James.” Check out the artwork:

The other of those releases is titled “Sickopatomous.”

We still don’t have a tracklist or pre-order info for either of these releases but we’re patiently waiting for that info to pop up for us.

Keep your eyes peeled here for more info, homies!

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