D-Loc Releases New Solo Album “Ripperside”

Another important album got released today on December 21st. D-Loc‘s newest effort, titled Ripperside, is now available worldwide. It’s been a long wait, with his last full length solo album MFK coming out way back in 2010. After all of the waiting, 14 new tracks are ready to be pounded out.

Features on the album includes fellow Kottonmouth Kings member Johnny Richter, along with acts such as Corleone and Trizz. The album can be bought digitally or the physical CD itself. In addition, there are various “rips.” These are bundles, which vary from $30 to $100. The bundles vary widely, with t-shirts, bluetooth speakers, beanies, and tons more that can be snatched from HERE.

Recently, D-Loc also stated that he wanted to “drop 6 different albums with 6 different artists” in the coming year, but wanted to finish this solo effort first. There was also a new interview with D-Loc a few days ago, and he addressed a plethora of topics. The interview is worth watching, or at least the notes are worth glancing at HERE.

There seems to be huge plans in motion for D-Loc and Kottonmouth Kings in general. 2019 is just around the corner to kick it all off.

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