Alla Xul Ellu’s “The Almighty” is Coming To Vinyl with 3 Different Vinyl Variants & 2 Different Covers

MNE’s newest signee Alla Xul Elu have announced that their latest release “The Almighty” will be coming to vinyl this February 22nd, 2019! My vinyl collection has been growing and I know I wouldn’t mind having some Xul in there.

Not only that, the vinyl is going to come in 3 different vinyl variants!

  • 600 Red w/Yellow Cloud
  • 250 Red/Yellow
  • 150 Red/Opaque Black

Now if my math is correct (and I triple checked) that equals out to only 1000 copies! Three variants. The release is also coming with two different covers! 700 of one and 300 of the other (even more confirmation of the 1000 copies).

You can pre-order your copy of “The Almighty” on Amazon right now by CLICKING HERE. Pre-orders will also be available soon at

Check out the Facebook post from AXE below.

Three different vinyl variants!600 Red w/yellow cloud, 250 Red/yellow, and 150 Red/Opaque Black.There will ALSO be 2…

Posted by Alla Xul Elu – AXE on Friday, December 21, 2018

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