BAMbam The Voodoo Chi7d – “Straitjacket Hugs”

A compilation of thoughts over the past few years. Some up, some down. Most negative. Voodoo is back. With black majik, murder, and depression again, all at once. Begin the Season of Sainthain in the psychiatric ward… with Straitjacket Hugs….
  1. Ice Pick Lobotomy (prod. by ChainSaw Beatz)
  2. White Bic (prod. by Regreting)
  3. Blood Stained Chucks (prod. by T-Murder)
  4. Call me Crazy (prod. by Syndrome)
  5. Sacrifice an Angel (prod. by KÜBE)
  6. Disconnected- ft. Capital Chris (prod. by Yung Arabius)
  7. Floatin- ft. dxwn:beat (prod. by D-Low Beats)
  8. Chillin with a Carcass (prod. by Syndrome)
  9. Get High with Me (prod. by Syndrome)
  10. They Might be Right- ft. Capital Chris (prod. by DAGA)
  11. Fuck this Life (prod. by Syndrome)
  12. Do you Understand? (prod. by Syndrome)
  13. Unbalanced Conscious (prod. by Clover)
  14. Fuck it- ft. Midnyte (bonus vox by Capital Chris)(prod. by Syndrome)
  15. Res Hits- ft. Capital Chris (prod. by Syndrome)
  16. What’s the Matter? (prod. by Skel)
  17. Straitjacket Hugs (prod. by Syndrome)

from Faygoluvers


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