Hex Rated – “Rotten”

ROTTEN – the Highly anticipated 3rd LSP solo release from HEX RATED, after a 4 year wait, all the controversy and hate ROTTEN rises like a corpse from the grave featuring 12 Tracks of Gore Hop MADNESS!!!

Guest appearances from Goretex of Non Phixion, Anybody Killa, King Gordy of L.A.R.S, Billy Obey & Lee Carver of A.X.E, Clockworc of Gorilla Voltage, Claas of Underground Avengers(LSP & Violence), SCUM, Insane Poetry, Anthraxe Killah of Body Bag Syndikate and Donnie Menace.

The Album is produced by Hex Rated, SickTanick and Johnny Slash. Mixed by Donnie Menace and SickTanick, Mastered by Donnie Menace and SickTanick.

Album Art by Mr. 8 Legz and Brittnay Dean.

Dropping on your fucking dome SEPTEMBER 20th!!!!

Pre Order Now: https://bit.ly/2o27rcj

  1. Rotten Bars
  2. Shoot Yourself In The Face
  3. Jim Jones With A Double Cup (ft. Sicktanick)
  4. Ain’t No Fuckin’ Clown Shit (ft. CLAAS)
  5. IAMEVIL (ft. King Gordy of LARS, Bill Obey & Lee Carver of AXE)
  6. Feed Em To The Pigs (ft. Insane Poetry)
  7. Test Tube Baby Nation (ft. Goretex of Non Phixion & Anthraxe of Body Bag Syndikate)
  8. Protect Ya Neck (ft. Anybody Killa)
  9. 1-800-Suicide 2018 (ft. Donnie Menace & ClockworC of Gorilla Voltage)
  10. Chest Tube (ft. Scum)
  11. Copy
  12. Violence – Mind of a Maniac

from Faygoluvers


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