Asylum – “Vain: The Complete Collection”

5 years in the making it’s a walk into many different emotions growing as an artist and as a person. Love and hate, this album goes from hard gangster to depression, then swinging to partying and enjoying life… Just push play

  1. Feel good feat. YBK
  2. 808 drive-by remix
  3. Walk feat. Dej’on Got it
  4. We on
  5. Untitled remix feat. Yezzir, Maaly B_EZ
  6. Monsters feat.Lipstorm, Sanzala, T. Snow, De’jon Got It, C-Los, F.COSTA & Tru Esco
  7. Por vida feat. Jhonny Awol
  8. Just another day
  9. Riiide
  10. Yate Yaru feat. Nes & Sl Child
  11. Bang
  12. Mysunderstood remix
  13. My prayer
  14. Destitute melody
  15. I ask myself
  16. I’m everywhere
  17. Get buck (Turn’up)
  18. Sugoi
  19. Karakuchi feat. Lipstorm


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