Notes from the 2018 Insane Clown Posse Gathering Seminar

  • The 2018 Gathering of the Juggalos Seminar has just wrapped up!  There are some devastating nuggets of flavor that were dropped!  Check them out below…
  • Fearless Fred Fury: no one will be let down.
  • Release date: October 26th
  • Dubbing it Fearless Friday!
  • Also available on the 26th a secondary Flip the Rat CD. Instructions inside of Fred furys booklet on how to obtain.
  • Great milenko and friends Canada tour to feature Esham.
  • Speaking on twiztid: “we will never reunite with twiztid ever.” -Violent J
  • Dark Lotus is not gonna happen again.
  • There will not be any disses toward anyone
  • Ruby and sugar slam will have their own line of juggalette clothing.
  • Ruby’s shirt design that was put out was the best selling shirt psychopathic put out last year.
  • When they get home from gotj: loony goons super group will start recording. Could be 1980 hip hop style or 2019 hip hop style. Will consist of: ICP, Big Hoodoo, Lyte, and Ouija.
  • Winter individual Shaggy and J solo tours.
    Shaggy: FTFOMF Shows.
    Violent J: Esham E&J tour
  • Violent J has started his own label under psychopathic: Big Baby Records. Compilations heavy.
  • Shaggy is coming out with an art line: paintings and sketches, prints.
  • Shaggy saw a guys balls at gotj. He thought it was funny.
  • Brand new action figures out by: Halloween or Christmas.
  • Wrestling fans: 20 years later STRANGLEMANIA 3
  • LIVE at starrcast in August in Chicago.
  • Vinyl collectors by Christmas: The ringmaster, terror wheel, bang pow boom, and hell’s pit
  • Hell’s cellar was found a couple days before gotj. 13 songs were found by Str8Jaket
  • Very dark times for ICP during hell’s pit era.
  • No memory of recording the hell’s celler songs.
  • Hell’s pit 20th anniversary will have even more unreleased Hell’s Pit songs.
  • Violent Wear making a comeback: 1st will be available on leather jacket, jerseys, and shirts. Carnival of Carnage. Crazy materials used for this line out within the next 2 months
  • 6 months later over a period of 3 years will be all 6 joker’s cards.
  • During ICP concert tonight there will be an announcement.
  • Psychopathic records plans for the future:
    Very proud of all the artists they have signed. However they do not want to sign new artists and they want to work on new ICP


  • Bloody brothers and more Alter Egos coming
  • A special gift for seminar attendees: Willaby Rags magical bag of shit cd
  • Next years 20th Gathering will be the “super Gathering”
  • Bands for everyone’s style next year.
  • A brand new Psychopathic’s from outer space coming this year
  • filming a new video next week for Fred Fury
  • Expect something very special for Hallowicked

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