Alla Xul Elu slaughters Carousel Stage during The Gathering! New AXE album and release date revealed!

Were you one of the lucky Juggalos that witnessed Ohio’s best horror hip-hop group “Alla Xul Elu” completely slaughter the Carousel Stage at Whoopstock?! Then you probably  are already holding  their exclusive Gathering of the Juggalos upcoming album sampler in the palm of your hands. To those that didn’t get the chance to witness AXE’S masked brilliance/horror-tastic stage show at The Gathering, well you fucked up.  Only one thousand AXE samplers were pressed and upon these samplers is an official  release date for a new record.  That’s right! Alla Xul Elu have revealed the name and release date for their upcoming full length LP “Almighty”! It drops online Friday, September 28th, 2018!

Official press release regarding the new LP straight from Alla Xul Elu’s official social media:

“9-28-18: The Almighty will be unleashed and will cause total obliteration. All that will remain is scorched earth & piles of charred corpses. The last thing you’ll ever see are Forever Faces. Also if you are at the GOTJ: Snag up a album sampler before they are all gone. 1,000 of them were pressed just look for the Xuligans with faces that are forever handing out promo!”

Wow! Lost for words! We here at FLH just know “Almighty” is going to scare the shit outta underground hip-hop fans worldwide! Get hype and stay glued to the official AXE “Long Live Evil” website for more info!

Shout out to Replicon Radio for the live Gathering footage of Alla Xul Elu!

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