Did somebody say Baccwards? Secret Fresh Bonus Material from Ouija’s “TRASHFIRE” EP

The Juggalo culture already knows an atomic new age hip-hop slasher bomb is about to be dropped upon the wicket shit world in a little over a week when Nevada’s very own Fear and Loathing Gothic emcee “Ouija Macc” releases his Psychopathic Records debut “GutterWater”! But before you seek shelter in the nearest ((I hear the Denver International Airport could be a safe place  when nuclear war erupts?) underground bunker here is some musical flavor news regarding Ouija’s “TRASHFIRE” EP.

About an hour ago Ouija Macc posted across social media on where to find secret hidden bonus material within the “TRASHFIRE” digital outlets. Exact words posted ” There’s some secret TRASHFIRE bonus material on Spotify, Itunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon & wherever digital music is provided. Just search “TRASHFIRE” But spell it baccwards instead… you know some ‘ol wicced shit” and then containing the hashtag #EFIRHSART at the end of the post. Whoa?! Maybe some hidden fresh collabos? Maybe some more truth behind Ouija and (Flint, Michigan’s current top emcee)   Lyte’s  rumored super-group? Why are you still reading this? Get to searching for that fresh music, ninja’s!

*Photo of Ouija by Cherry Bomb of Faygoluvers during DCG Con 2018 in Denver, CO*

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