Boondox / TurnCoat Dirty’s “Dirty Days Of Night” Now Available on Spotify/iTunes

Boondox‘s alter ego, TurnCoat Dirty, has released a new 8 song EP called Dirty Days Of Night.  It is available in both physical and digital copies, and I’ll provide you with those links in a sec. First, check the track listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Frank Castle
  3. Excuses
  4. Desert Evil
  5. The Rage (ft. Redd)
  6. Knockin’
  7. Unstable
  8. Chronicle

Now if you want a physical copy of this CD by itself, or with a shirt or charm, you can get that here:

To listen to the album and add it to your Spotify playlist, you can check this link:

And of course, you can always get MNE albums on iTunes!  Get this one here:

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