TMZ Reports on Tech N9ne’s Divorce

This story has been submitted to us in every form of communication available.  Email, FB, Twitter DM, etc…you guys really want us to know about this.

So while I feel this isn’t much of a story, TMZ has reported that Tech N9ne and his (now ex) wife’s divorce is finalized.  They go over some of the personal financial details as well, and if you’re interested, you can see them below.


Rapper Tech N9ne and Lecoya LeJeune can pour out all the Caribou Lou they want … their 22-year marriage is officially over.

The couple’s divorce was finalized earlier this month … according to court records. The divorce judgment says Tech walks away with his 49% of Strange Music as well as his management company.

Lecoya gets various bank accounts, and Tech will make an asset equalization payment to her of $150k. He’ll also pay monthly spousal support of $5,555.55 for 6 years. Nines woulda been way cooler … although more expensive.

They separated in 2005, but Tech didn’t file for divorce until 2015. No child support or custody issues because their 2 kids are now adults.

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