Aequitas – “Gunslinger III: Redemption”

Aequitas’ 3rd installment to the Gunslinger series! A modern day western take a trip through the gritty world of violence, vendettas and blood feuds. Will such a path lead to your own destruction, or will you find the light before its too late?

  1. Intro
  2. Desperados ft. Claas & Sleep Lyrical
  3. Back In The Day ft. Mark Rottin, War.Face & Prymordial Thoughts
  4. Case Full Of Guns ft. Juztin Sane & Politicize
  5. G Shit ft. Politicize
  6. Interlude
  7. Life Of A Gunslinger ft. AdotWAKE & E-J-Bar
  8. How Gangstas Roll ft. Danny Drive By
  9. Hit Squad ft. ITB
  10. Redemption ft. Sleep Lyrical & Dead Disciples
  11. Outro

from Faygoluvers


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