Class Announces the Inhuman Instrumental Contest

Our homie Class is holding a contest that is running from the time you read this until September 24th. If you’re looking to get your voice heard on a Claas release, this is your chance, homie!

It’s simple. If you have some rap skills, hit up and download the track “Trap’n.” You’ll notice there’s an empty, instrumental part of the track. This is where your rap skills come into play. Record a verse over that empty, instrumental part and email the entire track to

After the 24th he’ll listen to and judge every entry submitted. They will then be sent to Inhuman Instrumental who will narrow it down to just three entries. Those three entries will then be sent to Class who will select the freshest track for his album. Whoever is rapping on that track is the winner. Easy-peezy.

Your track will then be released on Class’ next LSP release! You’ll also get full credit for the track and promotion!

So dope.

Any ninjas entering the contest I wish you the best of luck. I’m honestly looking forward to hearing that winning verse.



from Faygoluvers


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