Brand New Triple Threat & Freek Show USB’s available at

I almost don’t want to post this as I haven’t ordered either of these yet and I afraid that an hour after I publish this, both of these dope items will be sold out. I’m keeping my hopes up though.

I just checked out and noticed that have just added two brand new USB drives containing albums released through Majik Ninja Entertainment.

First we told you about the mini-pistol USB drive containing the entire Triple Threat album that was just released on September 1st. You can see that original post by CLICKING HERE. They now have another USB available containing the album and that is coming in the form of an eastside, skeleton hand! That shit is available right now for only $14.99. You can check that out by CLICKING HERE.

Also available for the first time ever in USB format is Twiztid’s 2000 LP release, Freek Show! This USB comes in cartoon split angel format and features the animation on both the back and the front. This is also goin’ for $14.99. It looks like you simply pop the head off to play. Dope. You can check that out by CLICKING HERE.


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