Strange Music’s Back To School 60% Off Sale!

We’re all used to seeing sales at the Strange Music Store for 1/2 Off most items.  Strange Music has actually one-upped themselves with this year’s Back To School Sale which gives you an amazing 60% Off!  We’re talking T-shirts, DVDs, Hoodies, Accessories (ie: belts, ties, playing cards, etc), hats, and more merch for 60% off the regular price!

Unlike their regular sales, this one only lasts until August 20th!  So you’ve GOT to jump on it fast!  Here are the details via this morning’s email blast:

Favorite Merch For 60% Off!

Kick off the school year with some new Strange Music supplies, guaranteed to take education to a higher level!

With 60% off, you can’t miss Strange Music’s Back To School Sale – now’s the time to stock your locker with the hottest apparel and accessories, but you have to get them before they’re gone. You don’t need a PhD to figure out that the Strange Music Back To School Sale is an easy A!

Head over to now for the best deals on the best merch!

Load up your cart and send your kiddo back to school in style at!

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