Stephen ‘Dok’ Waters Passes Away

We received some tragic news about a ninja who died on his way to the 2017 Gathering of the Juggalos.  His name was Stephen ‘Dok’ Waters, and he died on July 25th in a car crash.

Our sincere condolences go out to his family, and all of those close to him.  Rest in Peace homie.

Here is an email we received with his obituary.





My name is Kaytie Nasworthy, a good friend of Dok’s.

Unfortunately, while on his way to the gathering, Stephen ‘Dok’ Waters was in a fatal car crash on July 25, 2017.

Dok was an awesome person! He cared when no one else did, he did for others when no one else would, and he was extremely talented. He leaves behind family and friends that know the world will not be the same without him.

He was talented beyond belief. He could draw, paint, and tattoo phenomenally. For many years, Dok has owned House Of Krayzees Tattoo and Piercing, in Statesboro, GA. He worked alongside his best friend, Jerry Ranew, and created some phenomenal pieces. He was a Georgia Southern University art major graduate, and was very intelligent. He took pride in his work and ensured that every customer was beyond pleased.

Tattooing, drawing, painting, and wrestling were Dok’s interests. He loved a good party as well. The ICP gathering is something he talked about year round, and did whatever it took to get there every year, unfortunately, this year he did not make it.

He leaves behind many people who care about him, his mom was his heart, as he was hers. This devastating loss has taken everyone by surprise, but has really hurt her.

Even though he looked intimidating, he had a good heart. Everyone else’s needs came before his own, and he would do anything in his power to make sure his family and friends were taken care of. He was well respected, that is for sure. He was a good man gone way too soon.

I have attached some photos, the little girl is my daughter, she was one of Dok’s biggest fans! Everytime she saw him she wanted a tattoo. He kept a set of temporary tattoos in his shop for whenever I brought her by!

This year he had an ICP themed birthday cake done, and he was proud of it. He talked about that damn cake for weeks! You rarely saw him without either an ICP hat or an ICP shirt!

Also attached are his obituary and his crash report.

**The only request that the family has, is if ANYONE has tickets from this year’s gathering that do not want them, to please send them! We would love to have a few to put with memory boxes since the gathering is where he was going when his accident happened! **

If able, please message me and I will provide my address:

from Faygoluvers


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