Officials Seize 1,200 Pounds of Pot off San Diego Coast

The U.S. Coast Guard seized 1,200 pounds of marijuana off the coast of San Diego, after a sailor sent out an SOS distress signal last week, due to the boat’s broken battery.

The distress call came in over the radio, to the Coast Guard from a crew member on the boat, who reported they were having battery trouble. When members of the Coast Guard Cutter Sea Otter arrived, they discovered much more than an issue with a battery.

Upon inspection of the vessel, 50 bundles of marijuana, totaling 1,200 pounds, were discovered on board.

The boat was located approximately 30 miles southwest of Point Loma.

Both alleged smugglers aboard the boat were arrested and taken into custody, while Coast Guard officers moved the massive marijuana seizure onto their own vessel.

“Working together with multiple Coast Guard assets, we were able to make another seizure and slow down the flow of illegal drugs into America,” said Senior Chief Petty Officer Justin Eaton in a statement to CNN. “It’s never an individual effort, but always a team effort, that make these cases so successful.”

If you’ve have contraband aboard your boat, set sail with a spare battery.

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