Inner City Posse’s “Intelligence & Violence” Album Re-Released for the COC Show!

The infamous Inner City Posse along with the ninjas at Psychopathic Records have re-released a super Juggalo classic (seriously, it doesn’t get much more classic than this). I’m talkin’ about the Intelligence & Violence album that was released way back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. If my memory is correct, this is the album that Violent J recorded with D-Lyrical. J would have all the “violence” parts, and because D-Lyrical refused to cuss and wanted to rap about positive shit, he had the “intelligence” parts.

Super… fucking… fresh.

As far as I know, these were only available at the Carnival of Carnage show that’s going down but they may be popping up on more of ICP’s tour stops or maybe even at Who knows?

For now, I suggest hitting up some collector’s forums or Facebook groups to get your hands on one.

from Faygoluvers


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