Cannabis Company Sponsors Boxer in Major Fight Tonight

Marijuana is becoming more mainstream than ever. No longer a taboo topic, it is entering our social consciousness from every conceivable angle. One of the last holdouts, however, has been the sports arena.

Recently, major sports companies have started the conversation about allowing their players to use medical marijuana. While medical marijuana is still prohibited by all major sports companies, from the NFL to the NBA, the taboo of marijuana in professional boxing now has its first challenger—FlavRX.

Commercial marijuana brand FlavRX is about to throw its hat in the ring, as an advertiser, by sponsoring Andrew Tabiti, who is fighting on the main card tonight before the best boxer of his generation, Floyd Mayweather, faces the UFC’s biggest star, Conor McGregor, in Sin City. Interestingly, McGregor is a mixed martial arts fighter, who has never had a pro boxing bout.

The Mayweather fight is one of the most expensive fights in the history of boxing. The event is expected to generate more than half a billion dollars, and has every chance of breaking the pay per view record of 4.5 million buys, set when Mayweather met Manny Pacquiao in May, 2015. (So many celebs flew in on private jets for that fight, they ran out of places to park.)

On the undercard, undefeated cruiserweight contender Andrew Tabiti will face former world champion Steve Cunningham, with the full weight of FlavRX in his corner.

Since turning pro in 2013, Tabiti has had a successful, professional record summary of 14-0, while scoring knockouts in each of his first 10 fights. He expects tonight’s bout to be no different.

“This fight means a lot to me. This is a chance for me to become the American face of cruiserweights, just like Steve Cunningham was. I’m taking this very seriously, and I have great respect for Steve Cunningham, but this is my time to take it. I’m ready to be a fresh face in the cruiserweight division. I’m going to give it everything I have. I’m humbled by this experience, and I’m going to take advantage of it.” Tabiti explained to Boxing Scene.

It is unknown if Mayweather Sr.-trained-Tabiti uses marijuana, although he may wear some of FlavRX’s apparel, such as hats, or socks from their marijuana-inspired menswear line.

This bold, decisive move by FlavRX to advertise on pay-per-view, in boxing’s highest moneyed match of all time, begs the question, how long before we see a pot company advertise right alongside Budweiser and Coca-Cola, in the NFL, on prime-time television?

While the fight for marijuana’s sports infiltration is just beginning, FlavRX’s ring generalship easily won the first round.

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