Damien X – “Dekay Muzik: Volume 1”

The debut release by Damien X, Dekay Muzik Vol. 1 is a combination of backpack rap and horrorcore. Each track is wrotten and performed by Damien X, and is worlds different than his work with Samhain Night Krawlerz and Team Dekay. Featuring verses from KTrill tha Demon and Jay Karnage, this mixtape is fire from beginning to end!
  1. How You Like Me Now?
  2. Devil’s Night (ft. KTrill)
  3. Insane Flowetry
  4. Let Insanity Claim Me
  5. Projekt X Cypher: Vol 2
  6. Slowly Dying (ft. Jay Karnage)

from Faygoluvers


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